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The Architecture of Happiness


ne of our premises that is always present in Otto Medem Arquitectura, is The Architecture of Happiness.

Doctors and therapists are agree that happiness depend on the environment and that it influences the physical, mental and emotional health of people.

Many wise men of antiquity have studied and thought about how to organize the elements to create harmony. Aristotle makes us decant in clean and minimalist designs with his reflection “nature always takes the shortest way.” The goal of the millenary art of Feng Shui is to create comfort and balance in an environment so that it influences positively the people that inhabit that space.

Currently, to achieve a healthy architecture there is a return to intuitive and emotional design. In this way are obtained houses with soul.

The architecture of happiness & architecture for well being.

There are combinations of elements and disciplines that promote happiness and well-being. There are environments where we feel better..

Our philosophy is to ally with Mother Nature, we prefer to integrate to fight with the environment. We create an architecture that move us. We zoom out to see the whole set, from different angles and perspectives, and thus we solve with the best possible solution. We take care of the detail; we know that it is the intangible that people perceive and what causes the balance to lean towards positive emotions.

By designing a space we transmit beauty and create harmony to positively influence moods. It is connecting poetry and architecture.

It is a modern architecture, pleasant spaces connected with the landscape that improve our health and make people happier.

Being born attractive is not as important as being born with a good star.
Being born with a good star is not as important as having a kind heart.
Having a kind heart is not as important as having a positive chi.


Cover image taken at Alojamiento cinegético El Barranco, one of our projects where architecture and art are combined.

29 May, 2019|

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Abrimos ventanas al paisaje, integrándonos en el entorno, arquitectura que emociona, desde el conjunto hasta el último detalle, a través de múltiples caminos y soluciones... en una alianza con la Naturaleza. We open windows to the landscape, in harmony with the enviroment, architecture than moves us, as a whole and with every single detail, through multiple paths and solutions, in alliance with Mother Nature.