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he homes that move and balance us are Homes with soul.

After a long search in the surroundings of Madrid I found a plot with special characteristics that excited me from which the project would come up.

Large blocks of natural marble emerged from the steep slope. The views over the mountains of Madrid from there were amazing. All these qualities turned into my personal inspiration for the spaces of the housing, both exteriors and interiors.

The environment strengthens the architectural qualities, making nice emotions that we discover while we walk through the different areas. We created a very private access to the housing, with walls that shroud you and hide the environment from you. Therefore you will discover it gradually thanks to the big windows.

Homes with soul, enjoy the outside from inside.

From indoors the openings put in a frame the wonderful views of the environment. As a result the views turn into daily elements in our lives. We created an architectural path to show the main facade, and going down by the gentle staircase we arrive to the main porch, from where we can go into the house.

This house has three floors. Crossing the main entrance we find the amazing hall. It is surprising due to its verticality. This is the most important area in the house, from where you gain access to the other ones.

The daylight goes straight through the high windows to fill the main hall. These windows have narrow dimensions and are placed at 6,5m from high up. Furthermore they are strategically oriented towards two waterfalls that we can find in the eastern slope of the mountain.

That hall is the centre of the house, the starting point to discover the architect and the environment, the place where all different areas are organized.

Homes with soul, architecture in harmony with Mother Nature.

Most of the activities we can do in the house take place in the living-room. It is based in a large block of natural marble that we found originally in the plot. We decided to leave it intact, and to convert it into a key element for the architecture.

From outdoors the living room gains more intensity thanks to the large block. It becomes a link between the living room and the swimming-pool, with the best orientation for enjoying it.

The lower level of the house is south-facing and it is adjusted to the slope. However the upper level, with western orientation, is floating over the lower ones. It seems to be based on the clouds.

One of the more gratifying things in this project, El Viento, is to see how people are delighted with our architecture when they experiment it and that in large part has been thanks to the respect that has been had for the environment, getting an architecture in harmony with Mother Nature.
Mention to Aesthetics Award

3 December, 2018|

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Otto Medem Arquitectura
Abrimos ventanas al paisaje, integrándonos en el entorno, arquitectura que emociona, desde el conjunto hasta el último detalle, a través de múltiples caminos y soluciones... en una alianza con la Naturaleza. We open windows to the landscape, in harmony with the enviroment, architecture than moves us, as a whole and with every single detail, through multiple paths and solutions, in alliance with Mother Nature.