Ampliación de Boadilla de Monte, Ebro

In the single-family housing of Boadilla del Monte, Ebro expands the western part of the current building, which is where the noble areas are to take advantage of the spectacular views. The spaces are connected on the ground floor and in the inner courtyard the [...]

11 November, 2019|

The restart. LIVE YOUR TIME

It is a commitment to a signature architecture where are fundamental factors the relationship with the environment and the constant dialogue between nature and design. All the creations for Somosaguas Q4atro have a very personal style marked by simple and infinite lines, where aesthetics can [...]

15 October, 2019|

Minimalist architecture

Architecture and nature, architectural design of a modern single-family housing in Madrid in homify magazine.

18 September, 2019|

Signature architecture

Otto Medem's signature architecture is defined in combination with elements to create emotion. Cement, steel, gravel, sand... and Nature. It is a special architecture that acquires movement with the play of light and shadow. It transmits pleasant sensations that surprise in space and time. Cubic [...]

2 September, 2019|

Homestyle discovers a well-kept seccrete

The Homestyle magazine discovers a well-kept seccrete hidden among trees and under the appearance of a large wooden box 🙂. This is our single-family housing called Valdecabañas, in Boadilla del Monte, Madrid. A reflection of our way of proceeding when the plot have wooded. We [...]

6 August, 2019|

Mediterranean country house

Homify's book of ideas brings together works that inspire the creation of unique spaces. This time you have selected the hunting accommodation El Barranco. It highlights how it is integrated into the environment, virgin Mediterranean forest, and the harmony between landscape and architecture. It includes [...]

2 August, 2019|

Architecture and art, Pablo Camps

We have a special sensitivity for the relationship between architecture y art. This time it was Pablo Camps who visited us at Prado Largo II. Always a pleasure to have him and his sculpture.

23 July, 2019|

Live your time

Time is contradictory.. Sometimes, we want it to go fast. Others, let it stop. Even when we have it all, what matters most to us is to enjoy it. And it is in your house where you spend much of that precious time. Somosaguas QU4TRO

27 June, 2019|

New proyect: Prado Largo II in Art, architecture and decoration

Prado Largo II is the last project that we have included in the Art, Architecture and Decoration section. It is a rehabilitation of a single-family house and the seal of Otto Medem is in each of the details. You can visit this refurbishment in Prado [...]

17 June, 2019|

The Architecture of Happiness

One of our premises that is always present in Otto Medem Arquitectura, is The Architecture of Happiness. Doctors and therapists are agree that happiness depend on the environment and that it influences the physical, mental and emotional health of people. Many wise men of antiquity [...]

29 May, 2019|