Art and architecture in the El Barranco hunting lodge

The Otto Medem Arquitectura studio has a special sensitivity in relating art and architecture. Art works by Manolo Valdés, Pablo Camps, Jorge Palacios, Javier Vázquez, Luis Agulló, Fernado Botero or Carmen Pomona, among many others, give color and personality to our architecture. In this case, [...]

22 April, 2019|

Landscape proposal of the first award Somosaguas architectural contest

We seek to emulate natural spaces following basic design criteria. The selected plant elements are mainly native, or of an optimal adaptation to the climatic conditions of the area. This aspect will favor the sustainability of the whole garden, with species in a proportion of [...]

1 April, 2019|


H omify has included in their ideas book some of our projects. You could visit it and live the inspiration. Go ahead and give us an evaluation!

28 March, 2019|

Online media that talk about our architecture

We have expanded the "Internet" section with new articles. They talk about the most representative projects of our studio, of minimalist houses, signature architecture, contemporary architecture, modern architecture and modular houses. Thanks to all these online media that have been interested in our architecture!

11 March, 2019|

Poetry and architecture

Poetry and architecture are more than the sum of its parts. They create a meaning and an experience. Poetry in architecture works by locating and positioning in the physical and also emotional and cultural space. It allows encounters, projections, experiences, feelings, emotions ... With poetry [...]

18 February, 2019|

Transparent fireplace

I the article that Homify relates as a book of ideas of Fireplaces that heat and separate environments takes as a model the transparent fireplace that separates the living room and the TV and living area of our house single-family housing Molino de la Hoz. [...]

5 February, 2019|

Architecture and art

From the Otto Medem Arquitectura studio, there has always been a special sensitivity for the relationship between architecture and art. The result of this are the constant collaborations with sculptors and painters who participate in the architectural project and complement the spaces proposed by the [...]

21 January, 2019|

Homify shows the minimalism of La Florida

And it is defined as an architectural project and simply spectacular interior design. Highlights its modern design, the modular structure, the idea of the "protective arm", the light to connect or define spaces and the natural beauty of wood as a counterpoint to white. La [...]

7 January, 2019|

Homes with soul

The homes that move and balance us are Homes with soul. After a long search in the surroundings of Madrid I found a plot with special characteristics that excited me from which the project would come up. Large blocks of natural marble emerged from the [...]

3 December, 2018|