New studio project, Luxury single-family home – Pantano de San Juan

2002 starts with this luxury single-family home located in Pantano de San Juan, Madrid. Another of our healthy architecture projects. Spaces that positively influence the beings that inhabit it, who perceive it with a sense of mental and physical well-being. Luxury single-family home in Madrid [...]

24 January, 2022|

Luxury single-family home Madrid, Las Rozas

N ature, design and comfort. Combine architectural design, implantation in the environment and functionally sustainable and optimized; luxury single-family home in Madrid that speaks of art and architecture. Luxury single-family home in Madrid - Calle Mallorca, Las Rozas

15 November, 2021|

Luxury single-family home Madrid – Habitable art

When designing this single-family home in Madrid we took into account that luxury is experiential, more experiential; lifestyle choices and amenities that are experienced every day. The house celebrates the act of inhabiting by intentionally connecting it with the realities of the world. JUHANI PALLASMAA [...]

17 September, 2021|

Design and architecture of Clínica Martín del Yerro, plastic surgeons

Comprehensive refurbishment of the Martín del Yerro clinic in Madrid's Paseo de la Habana street. We extract the essence of the space looking for the best performance for the comfort of professionals and collaborators. A bright, welcoming and clean design that accompanies clients on their [...]

26 April, 2021|

New study project

A nother of our projects in process with minimalist architectural design. Located in the exclusive area of Somosaguas, Madrid. Luxury single-family home , Los Lagos II

26 February, 2021|

Positive architecture

Ppositive architecture consolidates concepts of sustainability and eco-efficiency and creates spaces that positively and directly influence the beings that inhabit it. Design is intention. With a quality design and in alliance with nature, healthy environments are recreated that provide well-being; mix of beauty, sustainability and [...]

29 January, 2021|

Simple and functional house and full of design details

This year Pedro Piqueras has turned 65, El País has dedicated a few words to him and defines him as a great lover of architecture. He describes his house "simple and functional but full of design details". It is a custom-built single-family home that was [...]

26 October, 2020|

Luxury homes, Bloque Tarifa

Bloque Tarifa is now a reality to enjoy a space where light and elegance positively influence the people who inhabit these homes. Homes in a privileged enclave that have the highest qualities that guarantee the comfort and well-being of our firm. It could not be [...]

30 September, 2020|

Art and architecture, Sáenz de Oíza. Arts and crafts

Museo ICO, art and architecture with "Sáenz de Oíza. Arts and crafts" on the occasion of the centenary of his birth, Francisco Javier Sáenz de Oíza (Cáseda, Navarra, October 12, 1918 - Madrid, July 18, 2000). Five spaces that recreate five trades and that bring [...]

28 August, 2020|

Somosaguas Club obtains LEED Silver ® certification🥈

S omosaguas Club has obtained LEED Silver ® certification by implementing practical and measurable strategies and solutions in areas such as sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, material selection, indoor environmental quality and innovation. Sustainable construction allows users to operate more sustainably and offer [...]

30 December, 2019|