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rom the Otto Medem Arquitectura studio, there has always been a special sensitivity for the relationship between architecture and art. The result of this are the constant collaborations with sculptors and painters who participate in the architectural project and complement the spaces proposed by the studio with their works.

So, we find in Prado Largo, Alojamiento cinegético El Barranco, Santa Elvira, Bonanza y, especialmente en El Viento, sculptures and paintings of Pablo Camps, Manolo Valdés, Fernando Botero, Jorge Palacios, Luis Agulló, Javier Vázquez o Carmen Pomona, among many others.

With the same philosophy Otto Medem has intervened in public spaces, such as the design of the space for the Puro Arte Fair in IFEVI. In it, the spaces are organized according to the route, in the shape of “8”, arranging the galleries around it.

The objective is to be coherent with the architectural and artistic reflection and to prepare proposals that mix terms such as poetry, architecture and art.

Architecture and art communicate thoughts, feelings and ideas.

Architecture and art are forms of expression that are related. The two communicate thoughts, feelings and ideas.

Architecture has the ability to establish relationships. It is to solve the physical to arrive at sensory experiences.

The alliance that we establish between our architecture and Nature is a responsibility and a challenge that gives us value as architects. Spaces can be created by responding to this alliance. From there arise new forms that convey emotions.

Architecture influences how you feel mentally, spiritually and psychologically. The space in which we live molds our emotions. It has the ability to change our mood. The spaces of Otto Medem Architecture positively influence the beings that inhabit it.

People, subconsciously, are related on an emotional level to the presence of natural light, air, colors, lights and shadows … there are spaces that calm, energize, elevate and create happiness.

In our section Decoration, architecture and art show some of our projects in which we have established these relationships.

21 January, 2019|

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