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Signature architecture


tto Medem’s signature architecture is defined in combination with elements to create emotion. Cement, steel, gravel, sand… and Nature.

It is a special architecture that acquires movement with the play of light and shadow. It transmits pleasant sensations that surprise in space and time. Cubic forms that facilitate balance. Elegance is acquired with simplicity and purity. Minimalism and architectural beauty.

Red, green, blue and white and polarity between spaces. Design and light. Architecture and art that communicate ideas, thoughts and feelings.

Stars, protective arms and winding roads. Whimsical figures that arise when integrating into the environment and minimizing the imperfections of the terrain.

The volumes rotate according to make more powerful the positive. Security and freedom. Privacy and light that bathes all the angles of interior of the house. Responsibility and energy efficiency.

Hydrogen and oxygen. The pools are agree with the surroundings. They can mimic natural pools or become infinity pools. Chemistry and physics.

Modernand avant-garde architecture. Camouflaged exteriors or imitate wooden boxes. Diaphanous interiors that provoke encounters. Stays distributed in different levels, oriented according to the light and articulated by courtyards. Poetry and architecture.

Fire and air. Two-sided sculptural fireplace that separate environments and distribute heat equally in the rooms. Mirrors that reflect fireplace. Windows that go from the ceiling to the floor. Light and beauty.

Signature architecture, time as value.

Trees that become a central part of the distribution. Solid lines that integrate perfectly into the natural environment. Design and Nature.

Time is contradictory.
Sometimes, we want it to go fast.
Others, let it stop.

Even when we have it all,
what matters most to us
is to enjoy it.

2 September, 2019|

About the Author:

Otto Medem Arquitectura
Abrimos ventanas al paisaje, integrándonos en el entorno, arquitectura que emociona, desde el conjunto hasta el último detalle, a través de múltiples caminos y soluciones... en una alianza con la Naturaleza. We open windows to the landscape, in harmony with the enviroment, architecture than moves us, as a whole and with every single detail, through multiple paths and solutions, in alliance with Mother Nature.