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Positive architecture


positive architecture consolidates concepts of sustainability and eco-efficiency and creates spaces that positively and directly influence the beings that inhabit it.

Design is intention. With a quality design and in alliance with nature, healthy environments are recreated that provide well-being; mix of beauty, sustainability and technology.

The objective of creating healthy spaces is to have a positive impact on people’s quality of life. Materials are chosen that contribute to health and well-being and at the same time reduce energy consumption.

There are evaluation systems such as the international LEED® standard, a leader in energy efficiency and sustainable design, which promote the development of buildings based on sustainable and high-efficiency criteria. The collective housing of the Somosaguas Promotion, award for blocks for 75 homes in the Somosaguas Club, started from the premise of combining design, implementation in the environment and being as sustainable as possible. It followed the LEED® standard and the result is a set of luxury homes that in harmony guarantee the safety, well-being and comfort of residents.

Also in our DNA is the relationship between poetry and architecture, healthy spaces that promote connectivity and community life; meeting places and a fundamental part of this positive architecture.

Somosaguas Club adapts to the topography of the land. It generates a minimal impact on the natural characteristics of the plot. The blocks are each adapted to the different contour lines and the orientation of each of these blocks is optimized to the maximum. At the same time, a large space of sports and recreation common areas is achieved surrounded by a beautiful garden, whose landscaping is designed to the millimeter, in conjunction with a sculptural architecture.

Positive architecture, sustainable architecture

Architectural design, formed by a multidisciplinary group of professionals made up of architects, engineers, technical architects, landscapers and energy managers, begins with the first sketches made by hand until the definition of the last detail that materializes it. This creates a sustainable and highly efficient architecture.

And we achieve the ultimate goal that we pursue with this design, our houses become homes.

Positive architecture

Positive architecture

Positive architecture

Positive architecture

29 January, 2021|

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Otto Medem Arquitectura
Abrimos ventanas al paisaje, integrándonos en el entorno, arquitectura que emociona, desde el conjunto hasta el último detalle, a través de múltiples caminos y soluciones... en una alianza con la Naturaleza. We open windows to the landscape, in harmony with the enviroment, architecture than moves us, as a whole and with every single detail, through multiple paths and solutions, in alliance with Mother Nature.