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Simple and functional house and full of design details


his year Pedro Piqueras has turned 65, El País has dedicated a few words to him and defines him as a great lover of architecture.

He describes his house “simple and functional but full of design details“. It is a custom-built single-family home that was left in the hands of Otto Medem Arquitectura.

He was very clear about the three requirements that the house should meet: integrated into the environment, very bright, and comfortable and easy to clean. I explained the three conditions to the architect, Otto Medem, and I admit that he got everything right. I couldn’t be more happy with the result.”

In the luxury homes section of Nuevos Estilo magazine he shows this house in the mountains.

From here we send congratulations on his 65th birthday to this great communicator who loves architecture who described the work of Otto Medem Arquitectura as beautiful architectural monuments for well-being.

Photography of Nuevo Estilo nº 423.

26 October, 2020|

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