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Landscape proposal of the first award Somosaguas architectural contest


e seek to emulate natural spaces following basic design criteria. The selected plant elements are mainly native, or of an optimal adaptation to the climatic conditions of the area. This aspect will favor the sustainability of the whole garden, with species in a proportion of 80-85% of low hybrid impact.

…clear in the forest, the site inserted in the thicket that allows us to visualize the beauty that surrounds us...”

This is the landscape idea that inspires us for the conception of the garden, due to the orographic typology of the plots and their vegetal structure.

In the interior is where the existing trees are located. Large specimens mainly composed of Pinus Halepensis (Aleppo pine) and Pinus Pinnea (stone pine), which invites to the recreation of a forest that we will foment with deciduous tree feet (Sweetgum, ginkgo, oaks …).

Emulating the forests of our mountains. Then go decomposing it as we get closer to the central area where the houses are located. With the variety of species we encourage the feeling of being in a natural paradise.

The garden is constantly moving, surprising us at every moment of the year. To the movement that we have just described joins the layout of the garden, provoking a harmonious sensation between nature and the projected architectural volumes.

The interposition of the different planes that are produced by the synergy of architectural volumes with plants, evoke a sense of depth of space where the horizons are confused and you do not really know where they end up.

Architecture content Av. de la Iglesia, Somosaguas.

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1 April, 2019|

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