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Architecture for well being


tto Medem Arquitectura is committed to architecture for well being because we are aware that it influences the emotional and physical well being of the people who inhabit these spaces.

The game of unevenness, the large windows and the diversity of styles are the main protagonists in this house in the mountainous area of ​​Madrid.

At Molino de la Hoz we design a house full of natural light. An ideal place where the Sun finds no obstacle and travels through the spaces with total freedom.

It is white although it blends with the landscape of oaks and cistus of its privileged urbanization and, inside, the light reaches every corner, giving a pleasant sensation of transparency and tranquility.

The dining room, centered between the access to the kitchen and the three windows blend naturally into the landscape.

Next to the living room, separated by the fireplace, is the TV and seating area. The master bedroom connects with the mountain, from floor to ceiling, through a large window.

The facade is also open to the mountain, through a porch and a walkway on the top floor, which show the play of volumes that the authors seek. The pool, L-shaped, has been placed one step from the porch and follows the guidelines of functionality.

Architecture for well being, modern architecture.

It is a modern architecture, pleasant spaces connected with the landscape that improve our health.

OMS says: “Whether people are healthy or not, is determined by their circumstances and the environment. To a large extent, factors such as the place where we live, the state of our environment, genetics, our income and level of education, and our relationships with friends and family members have a considerable impact on health…

14 November, 2018|

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