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Homestyle discovers a well-kept seccrete


he Homestyle magazine discovers a well-kept seccrete hidden among trees and under the appearance of a large wooden box 🙂. This is our single-family housing called Valdecabañas, in Boadilla del Monte, Madrid. A reflection of our way of proceeding when the plot have wooded. We give it the ornamental and ecological value it deserves. And our architecture also wins.

6 August, 2019|

About the Author:

Otto Medem Arquitectura
Abrimos ventanas al paisaje, integrándonos en el entorno, arquitectura que emociona, desde el conjunto hasta el último detalle, a través de múltiples caminos y soluciones... en una alianza con la Naturaleza. We open windows to the landscape, in harmony with the enviroment, architecture than moves us, as a whole and with every single detail, through multiple paths and solutions, in alliance with Mother Nature.