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Pretoria. Sudáfrica

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Pretoria. Sudáfrica - Otto Medem Arquitectura

Town planning


The municipality of Tshwane has several properties, which are known as “hostels“. The intention of the project is to transform it into sustainable housing and adapt it to live in it.

These “hostels” emerge as dormitory cities for African labor within the territories designated for whites. They were poorly designed, poorly constructed and deteriorated for many years. In addition, they pose space problems for their inhabitants because many of them live today crammed into these ghettos.

The final intention of the study is to eradicate Tshwane’s poverty and social exclusion. To achieve this, the intention is to promote the creation of sustainable human settlements.

  • It is an innovative proposal, especially in terms of sustainability and viability.
  • The financing of the project in its entirety is considered, as well as establishing a specific plan for renting houses at an affordable price, distinguishing by units and types of housing.
  • A plan of stages is included in which the structuring, planning, documentation and other processes that conclude the first contract according to the project and which start the works on the site are indicated.