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Vivienda unifamiliar de lujo Madrid - Otto Medem Arquitectura

Town planning


The current situation through which we cross the vast majority of countries, forces us to position ourselves firmly on the side of nature and take advantage of all the means at our disposal to optimize the resources of the environment. In Venezuela, we are presented with the opportunity to carry out an urban planning project of unique characteristics in a privileged enclave. Venezuela, has bet with intelligence for endogenous systems : those originated within the country, in which tradition and technology combine efforts to walk towards a more sustainable future.

Our interest in preserving the customs, traditions and ways of life of the country with which we collaborate and our faith in adapting them to the technology developed, are the perfect combination to obtain great results.

Currently, sustainability is a key factor for urban development in cities. We understand as ecobarrio an urban settlement conceived on a human scale, where all important aspects for life are included: environmental, economic, social and human or cultural physical. Aspects that are integrated in harmony and respect with the natural environment, promoting healthy and lasting development systems for an indefinite future.

The trend of the current urbanism opts for dispersed urbanization, as opposed to the eco-neighborhood that seeks the compactness of the city to improve its operation.

Urban morphology, public space, mobility, services, mix of uses, urban biodiversity, efficiency and social cohesion are the keys for the elaboration of strategic planning proposals for the eco-district. In this way, we generate ways to achieve human well-being in harmony with the environment in an urban environment.