Coslada - Otto Medem Arquitectura


Coslada - Otto Medem Arquitectura
Coslada - Otto Medem Arquitectura
Coslada - Otto Medem Arquitectura
Coslada - Otto Medem Arquitectura
Coslada - Otto Medem Arquitectura
Coslada - Otto Medem Arquitectura
Coslada - Otto Medem Arquitectura
Coslada - Otto Medem Arquitectura
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Vivienda unifamiliar de lujo Madrid - Otto Medem Arquitectura

Single-family housing


Award architecture.


We are developing a house with little space in its front: just 4 metres to design a familiar housing with three levels and an attic.
The house is part of a disorganized neighborhood, constructed by different materials and forms. Nevertheless, it gets a place to grow and enhance.

The building is orientated to the north-south, and it’s designed between two walls with three levels. It’s illuminated with the light that comes front the north side, from the south one, and from a special window located in the ceiling, just in the stairs side, the heart of the house.

The structure is the most important part of the project. Since the first drawing, we conceived it like the principal part of the house.

The project show us in the main front of the building, the beams and the pillars, all of them integrated in the global design.

In this way, we can see both sides of these estructure’s elements: interior and exterior.

Also we have designed all interior elements with estructural pieces, like steps, railing, the banister, or lintels.

The principal façade is divided in four vertical sections and another two ones with horizontal disposition. All of them are divided by the estructure. Each piece is planned: ones are traslucents, other ones are opaques, and all of them with one level high.

At the interior of the house there is a big space that dominated all the volume. The staircase has an important function also because it connects the three levels and distributes all the program.

If we make a section, we can see that with a narrow space we can obtain an interesting housing program, proper for his inhabitants.
The three levels are visual connected by the staircase, that transmit a special feeling and lighting that you can sense in every room.

The opposite front of the building follows the same housing diagram: putting together all structural pieces.

The ground floor lines up the street, like a base; the first and second floor, are the central module and the last level, looks like a “chapitel”, like if every part of the building was a modern column. All this composition has a special mixture of lights and shadows.

Not only have we thought about the exterior of the building, the interior architecture has been designed to the last detail: modern furniture, innovator materials, special doors…everything has been thought and designed for this building.