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Vanguardia minimalista

Homify publishes Valdelascañas, a luxury single-family home in Madrid, in its book of ideas. In The 10 Most Original Houses in Spain, he includes this project as part of the architecture that reinvents how we live. Nature and design with horizontal lines where the exterior [...]

15 February, 2022|

Luxury single-family home Madrid, Las Rozas

N ature, design and comfort. Combine architectural design, implantation in the environment and functionally sustainable and optimized; luxury single-family home in Madrid that speaks of art and architecture. Luxury single-family home in Madrid - Calle Mallorca, Las Rozas

15 November, 2021|

Luxury single-family home Madrid – Habitable art

When designing this single-family home in Madrid we took into account that luxury is experiential, more experiential; lifestyle choices and amenities that are experienced every day. The house celebrates the act of inhabiting by intentionally connecting it with the realities of the world. JUHANI PALLASMAA [...]

17 September, 2021|

New study project

A nother of our projects in process with minimalist architectural design. Located in the exclusive area of Somosaguas, Madrid. Luxury single-family home , Los Lagos II

26 February, 2021|

Art and architecture, Sáenz de Oíza. Arts and crafts

Museo ICO, art and architecture with "Sáenz de Oíza. Arts and crafts" on the occasion of the centenary of his birth, Francisco Javier Sáenz de Oíza (Cáseda, Navarra, October 12, 1918 - Madrid, July 18, 2000). Five spaces that recreate five trades and that bring [...]

28 August, 2020|

Architecture and art for houses in Madrid

"To talk about architecture and art is to talk about emotions, about creations capable of awakening sensations that, in short, offer intimately related experiences. And, an architectural project must be aimed at providing its users with a place for happiness and well-being, something that art [...]

30 December, 2019|

Signature architecture

Otto Medem's signature architecture is defined in combination with elements to create emotion. Cement, steel, gravel, sand... and Nature. It is a special architecture that acquires movement with the play of light and shadow. It transmits pleasant sensations that surprise in space and time. Cubic [...]

2 September, 2019|

Mediterranean country house

Homify's book of ideas brings together works that inspire the creation of unique spaces. This time you have selected the hunting accommodation El Barranco. It highlights how it is integrated into the environment, virgin Mediterranean forest, and the harmony between landscape and architecture. It includes [...]

2 August, 2019|

Architecture and art, Pablo Camps

We have a special sensitivity for the relationship between architecture y art. This time it was Pablo Camps who visited us at Prado Largo II. Always a pleasure to have him and his sculpture.

23 July, 2019|

New proyect: Prado Largo II in Art, architecture and decoration

Prado Largo II is the last project that we have included in the Art, Architecture and Decoration section. It is a rehabilitation of a single-family house and the seal of Otto Medem is in each of the details. You can visit this refurbishment in Prado [...]

17 June, 2019|