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Otto Medem Architecture studio offers integral services, both technical and management, that solve the client’s needs while maintaining a direct and constant relationship to carry out the architectural work.


We made a detailed study of the plot in question, recommending the best position and orientation for the work. In the same way, the client will be informed at all times of the process, being an active part of its development.


Realization of promotions of all types of housing: isolated, semi-detached or collective housing. Projects adapted to the characteristics of each terrain and to the previous conditions such as orientation, location, slope and views.
With these previous studies and the long experience in architectural work of the studio, the singularity is guaranteed, as well as the urban and architectural quality of the proposal.


In this way we can add to the creative design and construction management an optimization of the building project thanks to the coordination and management of all the necessary procedures in it.
On the other hand, thanks to the experience of the study in previous projects and to the continuous collaboration with companies of materials and lighting of confidence we made more adjusted budgets.
In addition, we guarantee an after-sales service that ensures and guarantees a quick solution to any problem.


The studio has extensive experience in carrying out reforms in premises and homes. In all of them we start from a deep study of the client’s needs program.
Thanks to our network of regular collaborators we can advise you to get the most out of your place, home, or any interior space you want.